5 Easy Tips To Instantly Make Your Hair Healthy Today

What do we want? Healthy hair. When do we want it? Now!

Selfie of twins with gorgeous, luscious curly hair

There are many factors which can affect the health of your hair. With a minefield of information available just a Google search away, where do you get started?

Follow along for a list of 5 things you can do now, to achieve the hair of your dreams today.

1. Vitamins, vitamins, vitamins

When life gets busy, your health isn't always your highest priority. As a result, you will find yourself lacking in the correct nutrients for your body – and hair!

The most powerful secret to healthy hair is ensuring you have the key vitamins. These consist of fish oils, zinc, iron as well as vitamin-B complex, C and D.

2. Sleep on silk

Swap out your cotton pillowcase for a silk one and watch the magic happen!

Cotton, being a rough material, pulls and tugs on your hair while you sleep causing hair to break and frizz up. Using a silk pillow however, allows the hair to flow freely ensuring you will wake up with smooth and soft locks that are waaaay more manageable in the morning – and for life.

3. Skip the plastic-bristle brush

The most common option in the shops is a hairbrush with plastic bristles. Surprisingly, this is the most damaging option for your hair. Switch it out for a natural, boar bristle brush since it's more gentle and less damaging.

4. Finish washing your hair with a cool rinse

Just like a cold wash is good for the body, it's also beneficial for the hair! Make your hair instantly smooth and shiny by giving your hair a quick rinse at the end of your shower with cool water.

Why? Cool water helps to seal the cuticle, which allows your hair to lay smoothly and gives your hair a shiny appearance.

5. Do a hair masque

Hair treatments bring deep hydration to your hair and contain an intense concentration of the good stuff your hair needs. A weekly hair treatment is a necessity in your pampering routine, especially if you tend to neglect your hair.

How about a little Magic Hair Rescue? Your treatment plan for dry, damaged or untameable hair. Our powerful luxury hair masque works to strengthen, repair, and restore your hair.

It may seem like growing healthy hair is just a dream, but with a few simple changes to your routine, you can see a noticeable difference! What are your favourite tips to get healthy hair?

If you try out any of our tips, be sure to tell us your results by commenting below.

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